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      Whole machine appearance is harmony and smooth, beautiful and fine, unification of upper and lower, and both practical and good looking
Self-made special truck crane chassis with strong power engine of environmental protection greatly improved overall travel performance.
Five-section octagonal all-round telescopic boom has strong lifting capacity, and crane each technical index is advanced in domestic industry.
Large box type frame has high torsion resistance, and wide outrigger span improve operation stability.
Various operating modes such as fully/half outrigger and single top, etc. extend the use of crane operation.
World advanced and newly designed boom system, streamlined boom head and built-in slider efficiently increase boom section joint length and reduce boom lower deflection and side bending.
High working efficiency: the main winch uses dual variable displacement system to realize low speed for heavy duty and high speed for light duty, energy saving and high efficiency, and quick elevating and telescoping mechanisms improve work efficiency.
Well-equipped safely protection device: the crane is equipped with automatic load moment limiter, overload and over-winding cutout device, which have raised the safety for crane operation.
Ergonomically designed two cabs are accord with ISO standard, and air-conditioner in crane superstructure and carrier. The drivers cab is luxury full-width cab, spacious and comfortable, equipped with shock-absorption adjustable seat for reducing harmful shake and easing drivers tiredness. The operators cab is mounted at right side, all-round streamlined shape, and equipped with LC display monitor for a clear glance of all operation.



Shangchai SC8DK280Q3

Rated power

206/2200 kW/(r/min.)

Rated torque

1112/1400 N.m/(r/min.)

Rated rotation

2200 rpm

Lifting Specification

Max. total rated lifting capacity

30 t

Min. rated working radius

3 m

Turning radius at turntable tail

≤3.055 m

Max. load moment : Base boom

1025 kN.m

Max. load moment : Fully extended boom

640 kN.m

Max. load moment ?Fully extended boom Jib

460 kN.m

Outrigger span: Longitudinal

5.85 m

Outrigger span: Lateral

6.0 m

Lifting height : Base boom

10.6 m

Lifting height : Fully extended boom

40.4 m

Lifting height : Fully extended boom Jib

48.7 m

Mass Specificatio

Total mass in travel state

32400 kg

Axle load: Front axle

7000 kg

Axle load: Rear axle

25400 kg

Working Speed

Boom raising time

68 s

Boom full extension time

150 s

Max. swing speed

2.5 r/min

Main winch (full load )Hoist speed

≥75 m/min

Main winch (no load)Hoist speed

≥120 m/min

Aux winch (full load )Hoist speed

≥75 m/min

Aux winch (no load)Hoist speed

≥120 m/min

Noise limit: Crane exterior noise

≤118 dB (A)

Noise limit: At seated position

≤90 dB (A)

Traveling Specification

Max. travel speed

80 km/h

Min. stable travel speed

3 km/h

Turning diameter: Min. turning diameter

22 m

Turning diameter: Min. turning diameter at boom tip

25 m

Min. ground clearance

291 mm

Approach angle


Departure angle


Braking distance (at 30km/h with full load)

10 m

Max. grade-ability


Fuel consumption for 100km

40 L


Overall length

12570 mm

Overall width

2500 mm

Overall height

3390 mm

Wheel base:Axle 1, Axle 2

5025 mm

Wheel base:Axle 2, Axle 3

1350 mm


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