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       QY50K Truck Crane is advanced product with 6 designs won China state patents.
Outstanding performance and the best lifting capacity.
Full-width driver’s cab is spacious, bright and comfortable.
Powerful Styre WD615.67A engine conforms to EuroⅡ.
Hydraulic pilot proportional control makes accurate lifting operation.
Control components are designed in integrated modules, little energy loss and high efficiency.
5-section telescopic boom has all-round hexagonal boom profile or oviform boom profile. Telescoping system of double cylinders plus wire ropes maximizes lifting capacity.
2-section folding jib with three kinds of offset angle and an additional single top enlarge working range.
Well-equipped safety devices such as automatic load moment limiter, hoist limit switch, over-wind and over-release cut-out devices conform to China state compulsory standards.
Double H-shaped outrigger with additional front 5th outrigger realizes 360o fully swing lifting operation.
Two independent winches, swing unit with free-sliding function can realize load automatically sliding to position.
Operator’s cab, with adjustable seat and equipped with indicator, is convenient for operation. Air conditioner and heater are for option.
World advanced hydraulic parts are available for option.
QY50K plateau type, available for option of customers in highland area, is suitable for operation in special working environment of heavy wind and sand, lower temperature, rare air, and etc.



Weichai WD615.334

Rated output

247/2200 kW/(r/min.)

Rated torque

1350/1400 N.m/(r/min.)

Rated speed

2200 rpm.

Lifting Specification

Max. total rated lifting capacity

50 t

Min. rated working radius

3 m

Turning radius at turntable tail

≤3.485 m

Max. load moment: Base boom

1764 kN.m

Max. load moment: Fully extended boom

823 kN.m

Max. load moment : Fully extended boom Jib

492.8 kN.m

Outrigger span : Longitudinal

5.65 m

Outrigger span : Lateral

6.6 m

Lifting height : Base boom

10.7 m

Lifting height : Fully extended boom

41 m

Lifting height : Fully extended boom Jib

56 m

Mass Specification

Total mass in travel state

40400 kg

Axle load: Front axle

14500 kg

Axle load: Rear axle

25900 kg

Working Speed

Boom raising time

88 s

Boom full extension time

180 s

Max. swing speed

2.0 rpm

Main winch (full load )Hoist speed

≥85 m/min

Main winch (no load)Hoist speed

≥110 m/min

Aux winch (full load )Hoist speed

≥80 m/min

Aux winch (no load)Hoist speed

≥110 m/min

Noise limit: Crane exterior noise

≤118 dB (A)

Noise limit: At seated position

≤90 dB (A)

Traveling Specification

Max. travel speed

75 km/h

Min. stable travel speed

2.7 km/h

Min. turning diameter

24 m

Min. turning diameter at boom tip

26.8 m

Min. ground clearance

285 mm

Approach angle


Departure angle


Braking distance (at 30km/h with full load)

10 m

Max. grade-ability


Fuel consumption for 100km

42 L


Overall length

13050 mm

Overall width

2800 mm

Overall height

3430 mm

Wheel base:Axle 1, Axle 2

1520 mm

Wheel base:Axle 2, Axle 3

3815 mm

Wheel base:Axle 3, Axle 4

1350 mm

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