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      The concept of making “safe, environmental, reliable and advanced” products is implemented during designing and manufacturing processes.
Gross vehicle weight is reduced and reliability is improved greatly due to adoption of components made by established manufacturers worldwide, as well as first class steel plates and key hydraulic parts.
Excellent lifting performance and wide working areas due to variety of counterweight combination, outrigger positions (fully extended and half extended), single top. Its main lifting performance ranks first in domestic similar products.
Electro-hydraulic proportional control system and hydraulic system equipped with advanced electro hydraulic proportional valves, slewing buffer valves and electric variable motor contribute to improvements on smooth operation and inching control.
Oval cross-section boom has features of strong anti-torsion and reasonable transfer of tension. New materials such as WELDOX 960 super-high tension steel, glass fiber reinforce plastic and aluminum alloy not only meets high performance requirements, but also reduces gross vehicle weight.
High working efficiency is achieved by adoption of double variable main hoist system contributing to low speed with heavy load, high speed with light load and energy saving, as well as high elevating and telescoping speed.
Spacious and bright cabs for driver and operator, equipped with heater and air conditioner, comfortable for operation.
Powerful environmental chassis engine contributes to excellent maneuverability.

Engine Weichai WD615.338

Rated output

276/2200 kW/(r/min.)

Rated torque

1500/1400 N.m/(r/min.)

Rated speed

2200 rpm.

Lifting Specification

Max. total rated lifting capacity

70 t

Min. rated working radius

3 m

Turning radius at turntable tail

3.550 m

Max. load moment : Base boom

2303 kN.m

Max. load moment : Fully extended boom

1043 kN.m

Max. load moment : Fully extended boom Jib

492.8 kN.m

Outrigger span :Longitudinal

6.1 m

Outrigger span :Lateral

7.3 m

Lifting height: Base boom

11.6 m

Lifting height: Fully extended boom

44.5 m

Lifting height : Fully extended boom Jib

59.5 m

Mass Specification

Total mass in travel state

43000 kg

Axle load: Axle 1, Axle 2

17000 kg

Axle load: Axle 3, Axle 4

26000 kg

Working Speed

Boom elevating time: Boom raising

80 s

Boom telescoping time: Boom full extension/retracting

150/100 s

Max. swing speed

2.0 rpm

Outrigger telescoping time: outrigger beam
extending/retracting synchronously

30/20 s

Outrigger telescoping time: Outrigger jack
extending/retracting synchronously

35/30 s

Main winch (full load )Hoist speed

75 m/min

Main winch (no load)Hoist speed

130 m/min

Aux winch (full load )Hoist speed

98 m/min

Aux winch (no load)Hoist speed

108 m/min

Traveling Specification

Max. travel speed

80 km/h

Min. turning diameter

24 m

Min. turning diameter at boom tip

29.0 m

Min. ground clearance

327 mm

Approach angle


Departure angle


Braking distance (at speed of 30km/h)

10 m

Max. grade-ability


Fuel consumption for 100km

45 L


Overall length

13930 mm

Overall width

2800 mm

Overall height

3575 mm

Wheel base: Axle 1, Axle 2

1470 mm

Wheel base: Axle 2, Axle 3

4150 mm

Wheel base:: Axle 3, Axle 4

1350 mm

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